“Mission Bonita” made the YouTube debut on Tuesday, August 18th.  The highly anticipated children’s web series comes from the mind and heart of creator Lisa Lallouz.  

Lallouz is the author of the popular and trusted children’s book series, “Miss Bonita and Friends.  The “Mission Bonita” web series will address the unique challenges that this young generation faces to their mental health and emotional well being. They live in a variety of family arrangements in diverse communities.

Each episode is ten minutes long for ages 6-10 yrs.  The mission of the show’s producers is to provide their young viewers with a comfortable, creative, safe and fun place to learn.

“Mission Bonita” stars the magical 17-year-old Miss Bonita.  The series adventures begin when Miss Bonita receives messages in her magical box from children around the world who need help solving their problems.  The episodes are set in both the magical world of Miss Bonita and friends and reality.  Each episode “Mission Bonita” will bring together a zany group of characters and very special guests. When their worlds collide the fun and craziness begins & through it all, heartfelt lessons are learned. 

“Mission Bonita” pilot episode begins when Miss Bonita receives a letter from Jayden, a 10-year-old who is worried and afraid because his grandfather is in the hospital and sick with a vírus. The whole world has been affected by Covid 19 and it’s understandable that children have questions.  Miss Bonita turns to her magical friends and the real world to help Jayden understand his feelings and help solve his problem.  The group comes together to show Jayden that his feelings are shared by children around the world and just like him they have the power to choose and to creatively problem solve in their own life journey.

Don’t miss what everyone is talking about… The FREE pilot episode of “Mission Bonita” airs on YOUTUBE, 11AM, August 18th. 


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