#Artivism #project “Generation COVID-19”

Initiated by the North Star Academy Visual art students

Press Release

About the project:

A single picture, an image, an installation can tell and express more than a thousand words. To inspire positive global change and to support the community, the art students of North Star Academy in Laval (Quebec), joined the world‘s artivism movement and initiated the project “Generation COVID-19”.  Through the means of art and artistic expression, young Earth citizens encourage everyone to work in a team for positive change and to care about each other. They call to stand against the virus and all economic, social and mental issues which were enhanced by the lockdown.

This project exists to give the feeling to everyone who sees it that they are not alone in their worries, stress, and challenges. The project “Generation COVID-19” consists of posters supported by the quotes from their young creators. Each artwork represents the very personal feelings of their authors about the lockdown. There is a big range of emotions shown, which, in fact, everyone experiences too in the current situation.  Even if the artworks talk about anxiety, financial problems, vulnerability, stress, isolation, boredom, uncertainty, etc., we still see bright and vibrant colors that the young artists use. It is so because there is hope for everything to go well; there is a hope that we will win and the “generation COVID-19” will live in a better, cleaner, kinder world of equal rights and sharing the wealth of this planet.

For more information on the project and the artworks or for interviews with the authors, or organizing a virtual exhibition, please, contact me, Mariya Kovalevska, at kovalevska.mariia@gmail.com, +1-438-994-4292.

Best regards,

Mariya Kovalevska,

Visual art teacher, North Star Academy, Laval

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