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@MegaSeanMusic New Song “Black Is Beautiful”

Mega Sean – Black is Beautiful

“Black Is Beautiful” is the hot new upcoming release from renown Toronto based Hip-Hop artist Mega Sean, an artist who has recently been making waves amongst the online Hip-Hop artist scene with his unique approach to producing Hip-Hop music, creating a well needed, fresh and unique take on the genre.

In the increasingly oversaturated online Hip-Hop market it has become harder for a new single release to get noticed and generate hype, but yet the new Hip-Hop inspired Single “Black is Beautiful” has already managed to create a small buzz on social media and reached some of it’s potential listens with news and hype surrounding the release of the Single continues to build. This is only the start of what is to come for the Single release and Mega Sean as an artist as we head further into the year. The upcoming release of the new single “Black is Beautiful” has been well received by fans of Mega Sean and has been a beacon for those who need a lift during these dark and uncertain times as people come together though the power of music.

Be sure to keep up to date with trending Hip-Hop artist Mega Sean on his various official social media accounts as he creates new sounds of genre infused Hip-Hop music designed to be both uplifting and empowering the sound of this SUMMER 2020.

The brand new single “Black is Beautiful” will be released soon and will be available to stream online via Spotify and all major streaming platforms. The new single will also available to purchase via all major online music stores upon official release.

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